According to your various request, Koken can design the most suited transportable mortar mixing unit (plants) which is combined by selected KOKEN high qualitiy grouting equipment

Koken MG Series pumps are highly efficient multi-purpose pumps, manufactured with thorough consideration of the sitefs working conditions. These pumps are widely used for high pressure grouting, drilling and water lifting works. These compact and lightweight pumps can be easily transported and their outstanding capacity and durability have greatly improved work efficiency.


MG-3Ren series are a new type of triplex pumps for grouting. The 3 plungers assure constant and smooth delivery. It is possible to grout with high pressure without damaging the ground. The pump structure is simple so operation and maintenance are very easy.

PG(NEW) Series are used for ground reform constructions with high pressure injection.
Kokenfs PG(NEW) Series enhance durability of component parts, and allow long lasting and stable high-pressure injection.
The unique arrangement of the suction valves facilitates the maintenance.

Koken Colloidal Mixer"KCM Series" is a mixer of epochal high performance mechanism using the gCentrifugal Pumph method to give the mixture extremely vigorous agitation and create upward and downward convectional flows of mixture in the tank. Differently from the standard models, KCM Series produce mortar or cement milk with excellent quality, rich in fluidity, homogeneity and stability by cutting off particles of injected materials in a very short time.
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