KOKEN SONIC DRILL15 is a new crawler mounted type compact drill for soil pollution investigation. KOKEN developed a new hydraulic percussion unit (Drill head) of very small dimension and high percussion blow cycles.
Sampling of gravel that was difficult to obtain with vibration-type drills became of the new drill head. Investigation of soil pollution to about 10 meter in depth became more accurate in geological conditions of all kinds.

Koken ECO PORTABLE DRILL 02 (Neko Drill) and the underground pollution measuring tools form a simple Soil Pollution Investigation System.
In recent years the value of expensive pollution investigations have been questioned and Koken soil pollution investigation system will decrease the cost of boring outer layers by 50〜70% compared to other systems.
Eco Portable Drill 02 (Neko Drill) is easy to operate and to transport.
This innovative investigation system measures pollution easily by using chemical reagents.
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