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Thank you for visiting our website, KOKEN BORING MACHINE CO., LTD. and the affiliated companies (hereinafter referred as “Site” and “KOKEN and its affiliated companies” or “we”, respectively).
The Site is made and published to be one of the bridges to connect KOKEN and its affiliated companies with our customers and is open all free of charge.
In order for users to have this Site more comfortably, please be sure to read carefully and agree with the following statements.
Materials on this Site may unintentionally include inaccuracies or errors. If so, inform the contact information shown below:

(Contact information) International division TEL:+81-3-6907-7515 FAX:+81-3-6907-7525
E-mail:info@koken-boring.co.jp (Reception) Monday to Friday(Except for holidays and Non-business days) 9:00~12:00 AM, 13:00~17:00 PM

Limitations and guarantees in use of the Site

In using this Site, it’s by user’s own volition.
Thus, KOKEN and its affiliated companies assume no responsibility for any inconvenience or damage that may occur to users due to use of this Site.
This Site can be used in any country and area that are connected to the Internet. However, these terms and conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan.
This Site makes the best effort to keep the latest and precise contents but it’s exempted from guaranteeing that.
This Site may change or delete the content basically without notice. In addition, we may interrupt or suspend the operation of this Site itself.
Under such circumstances, KOKEN and its affiliated companies take no responsibility for any inconvenience or damage that may occur to users.

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This Site utilizes the plug-in shown below. If not installed yet, please download it from there. (Each for free)

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Javascript and style sheet

Several pages have Javascript and stylesheet in this Site. When you view them, please enable Javascript and style sheet in Browser Settings.


Copyrights of information, images, illustrations and animations in this Site are attributed to KOKEN and its affiliated companies with the exception of some mentioned below.
Some images or illustrations, etc., are granted from our customers (Sources and providers are shown) These copyrights are attributed to the providers.
Some images and illustrations are displayed by using materials on the market in their original form or edited.
Each of them has each copyright holder. KOKEN and its affiliated company utilize these materials after making a royalty payment or an user registration for this production of the Site.
It’s prohibited by law to copy or reprint these materials without permission of each copyright holder. Please inform us in advance when you reprint or display the materials in this SIte to another media.

Linked sites

Websites linked from this Site are operated responsibly by each corporation, group, individual, etc., hence they are not under control of KOKEN and its affiliated company with the exception of KOKEN Earth Science Museum that is our related facility.

Please be responsible for using these linked websites according to the terms and conditions of those websites.
If you wish to have a link to this Site, please inform us in advance.

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