Through continuous research and development KOKEN BORING MACHINE Co., Ltd.
has developed and manufactured the state-of-the-art Percussion Wireline Sampler.
The Percussion Wireline Sampler mounted on Koken's high performance RPD Drills does not use mud or air herefore assuring a high quality sample recovery and keeping sites clean with no waste.
The use of the same core sampler in any type of geological formation and the sample recovery by Rotary percussion driling make the Percussion Wireline Sampler unique with no equivalent built outside Japan. Contractors in the bore testing, sampling, mineral exploration and environmental investigations sectors around the world have endorsed the Percussion Wireline Sampler.

High rates of core recovery in any type of strata such as solid bedrock, clay, conglomerates, boulders, sand and gravel layers, etc.
Up to 5 times faster than using conventional rotary methods and still achieving high levels of core recovery.

No need to remove all drill pipes from the borehole as the core barrel is extracted with a wireline. Cores with the Rotary Percussion System's exclusive drill rods can be retrieved under any angle from vertical to horizontal.

Recovery of high quality sample by not using mud or air. Only uses 20 liters of water per minute.

Nominal Diameter
Hole dia. mm 101.0 110.0 123.0 130.0
Set Bit I.D. mm 45.0 54.0 68.0 68.0
Outer Tube O.D mm 89.0 96.0 114.0 120.0
Outer Tube I.D mm 63.5 70.0 91.0 91.0
Inner Tube O.D mm 60.5 65.0 85.0 85.0
Inner Tube I.D mm 50.5 58.0 77.0 77.0
Drill Rod O.D mm 89.0 96.0 114.0 120.0
Drill Rod I.D mm 64.0 70.0 91.0 91.0
There are 3 lengths of wireline tools assembly : 1.0m,1.5m and 2.0m.
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