KOKEN Submersible Core Drill (MARINE DRILL) is now working actively in the field of marine civil work and geological survey for the exploitation of mineral resources of the sea bottom. It provides geological data of the sea bottom easily and economically of which working cost was very expensive and hard to obtain soil or rock samples in the past.

Many of KOKEN machines for horizontal hole drilling were operated for the project of the Seikan Under sea Tunnel Construction with a lot of success. nor necessary. KOKEN machines are now working in many places around..

FS-100A is a horizontal drill for pipe laying works. It is capable of laying pipes up to 1200mm in diameter. This drill is used for directional drilling for cross-river purposes.

Drillings are indispensable for observation works in the Antarctic. "ICE DRILL" developed by KOKEN is a core drilling machine for snow and ice strata and isused for Seismic Survey. The down hole drilling "ICE DRILL" is compact, Iight, easy to operate, and copes efficiently under the harsh-conditions of the Antarctica.


1.Kajima Corporation's GEO-EXPLORER is a newly developed ground exploration vehicle.
KOKEN took charge of the development of a drilling machine for measurement while drilling (MWD), the control system and the mountings.
2.KOKEN jointly developed with Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc., an all automatic " BORING ROBOT " which was fully controlled by a computer system, enabling a driller to be able to operate several drilling machines at once.
3,4.KOKEN manufactures drilling machines and equipment of all the kinds according to customer specifications,. i.e. the production under license of the BG-series of BAUER Inc. for Japan foundation engineering Co., equipment for Asahi Chemical Industry's CITY GUY method, etc.
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